Amanjaya Bus Terminal

Ipoh’s Newest Icon – Amanjaya Bus Terminal

If you like anything controversial, then you may like Ipoh’s Newest Icon – Amanjaya Bus Terminal. To make up for the lack of a proper coach terminal, unless one considers the former terminal at Ipoh’s Medan Gopeng proper, the state government built a huge terminal with an eye catching design at Bandar Meru Jaya.

Unfortunately, the name that was picked reminds one of an area in another Northern Malaysian state. Another issue is the very location of the coach terminal, which is around 15 kilometers away from Ipoh city center. As a result, those who wish to go to the town center need to take a taxi or wait for hours for local buses to pass by the terminal. On a positive note, those who wish to go to any part of the country, Thailand or Singapore can take their pick of bus operators from the scores of bus counters over there.

To make the wait comfortable, there is a large waiting area equipped with huge interactive boards that display the departure and arrival of relevant coaches. For those who have time to kill before boarding their coach, you can shop around at the scores of shops, which are located in the beautiful building. If you are feeling hungry, decide on the type of food you want and go to the relevant food outlet.

Since there are various food shops, getting the food you want should not be a problem. If you wish to stay in Ipoh for a couple of days, there is the choice of a budget hotel. In the event that someone drove you to the coach station, do not worry about parking space. There is ample parking space to cater to the needs of all visitors.

While you are waiting for your coach, do take a moment to appreciate Ipoh’s latest icon. Wonderfully designed, it is something to be admired. For a chance to visit this Amanjaya Bus Terminal and enjoy the sights of Ipoh, buy your express bus ticket instantly from anywhere.

Getting to Amanjaya Bus Terminal:- One can take the public transport such as the public bus or a cab to Amanjaya Bus Terminal. You can also take your own vehicle there and keep in the parking lot if there’s enough capacity.

Great facilities nearby Amanjaya Bus Terminal:- There’s ATM Machines, Facilities for the disabled,Baby Care Room, Cafeteria’s, Smoking area, Prayer Room for Muslims, VIP Lounges, Ticketing Counters.

Bus companies operating from Amanjaya Bus Terminal:- TransnasionalPluslinerKonsortium ExpressSri Maju GroupS&S International Express and heap more.

Sri Maju Express

Route Time


Ipoh Amanjaya to Alor Setar 09:15, 06.00 AM


Ipoh Amanjaya to Pudu Sentral 09:15 AM, 10:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 04:15 PM

RM19.30 – 24.20

Ipoh Amanjaya to Melaka Sentral 09:30 AM, 10:45 AM, 07:00 PM


Ipoh Amanjaya to Seremban 09:30 AM, 10.45AM,7PM


Ipoh Amanjaya 08:45 AM, 04:30 PM


Ipoh Amanjaya to Sungai Nibong 09:15 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 03:15 PM


Ipoh Amanjaya 09:00 AM, 10.30AM,12PM,3PM


Ipoh Amanjaya 09:00 AM,10.30AM, 12PM, 1.30PM, 3PM