Bus from Penang to Thailand

At the moment, not only are there buses travelling within Malaysia, there are also buses coming from Singapore as well as several in bus from Singapore all the way to Butterworth, from Singapore to Alor Setar, from Singapore to Johor Bharu, KLIA, LCCT, Kamunting etc. 

It is equally worth noting that all of the above mentioned states all have their own hidden histories as well as beautiful heritage. This is what makes travelling through Malaysia a truly memorable experience to say the least. In fact, it is this interesting past history coupled with the beautiful heritage that makes travelling through Singapore and Thailand by bus most exciting. 

In case you are looking to make a trip bus from Penang to Thailand, you should seriously consider taking advantage of online ticket booking options to book a bus from Penang to Thailand . This is very important because it serves as a guarantee to pick your coach as well as an opportunity to choose the destination of your choice. In fact, booking online completely rules out the possibility of ever moving to the counter and hearing the reply “no ticket”. The best thing about it all is the fact that after one month or two months stay in Malaysia, you can easily find your way into Thailand from Penang. All you simply need to do is to book a bus. 

In addition to all of the above, while booking, you will be able to choose your preferred pick up location. In fact, you can even choose to depart from the island through the Sungai Nibong bus terminal or simply resort to the Penang Komtar bus terminal. This type of booking service and many other are presently provided for by well established companies such as Newsia Express service center. Keep in mind, the cheapest ticket that you can get from easybook.com is RM 40.00.

Simply put, booking the express bus / luxurious coach serves as a guarantee for the best travelling experience in the sense that you’ll simply need to name the destination that you would like to visit and in turn you will be provided with the best service. 

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