Bus from KL To Kedah

The KL to Kedah bus route is one of the busiest routes in Malaysia. This is because of the great things that Kedah town offers. This town is well known for its great history and physical scenery. Kedah is a peaceful town that is known for its great sandy beaches, admirable islands, green forest parks and rich history. In addition, it is Malaysia’s top rice producer. Most people from KL and other parts of Malaysia use this route for the sole purpose of visiting the various amazing places in Kedah. It is therefore a busy bus route all the year round.

The journey from KL to Kedah by bus lasts about six hours plus and costs approximately RM30 to RM50. The bus tickets can be purchased online on Easybook.com. The website is efficient and effective and easy to use.

There are so many bus companies that serve this route. The various bus companies use different routes and offer different quality of services. Some of the bus companies that serve this route are: Transnasional, KPB Ekspres, KonsortiumSri Maju Group and many others. These companies have different pick-up and drop-off points. Some of the pick-up points in KL are: Puduraya bus terminal and Hentian Dutta bus terminal while the drop-off point in Kedah is mostly at Kuala Perlis bus station. Therefore if you are traveling by bus from KL to Kedah then these are some of the destinations that you will be expected to take your bus from and to be dropped at.

Booking a bus ticket online is much easier, faster and effective. You should always consider booking your bus ticket online especially on the Easybook.com website. This site is well-known and offers quality services. Always consider the state of any bus before booking it. Some buses have air conditioners. TV sets, comfortable seats and many other features. Go for buses with such features for better results.

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