Bus from Kl to Ipoh

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries to visit. As it is rich with great tradition along with culture, many tourists from all over the world visit this lovely country throughout the year. Like any country, in Malaysia too, there are lots of ways of transport communication. But among all, the bus journey holds a special place due to smooth and relaxed ride that it offers. Also the picturesque worth-viewing landscapes are an added beauty to the journey for the travelers while travelling in a bus.

Travelers who want to go in the northern cities of Malaysia like Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur needs a reliable option to travel and the buses are simply the best option to travel in this route. The route is a scenic one and everyone appreciates the beauty of northern part of Malaysia during this journey. There are several buses plying from KL to Ipoh. The most popular companies which offer bus from KL to Ipoh are TransnasionalSri MajuKonsortium, KPB Express (Kajang),  Supernice, Era Mesra Exprss (KL) and heaps more. It is very easy to book the tickets of the bus from KL to Ipoh from www.easybook.com. By simply logging into the site, one can get all the necessary information and he can book any bus of a particular time subjected to the seat availability. It is the easiest way to book tickets as no one needs to stand in a long queue and one can book well in advance. Buses use to ply from morning to night at regular intervals and all the buses are providing an enjoyable and smooth ride along with nice hospitality. The buses are with all modern facilities and the push back seats are ready to give the utmost comfort to the passengers.

The journey in bus from KL to Ipoh takes usually six to eight hours and several companies are there who are running such busses with an hour of interval. There are several pickup points in KL which include Puduraya and hentian putra. Drop off points would be Ipoh Amanjaya, Ipoh Jalan Bendahara and a few more stops in Perak. Commuters can chose any of those and can enjoy a pleasurable bus ride with TV, power point and Wi-Fi like facilities. All you need to do is to enter into www.easybook.com and book the tickets as per your convenience.

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